Thoreau: Do You See What You Look At?

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
–Henry David Thoreau

This is a lovely paradoxical way of drawing attention to a very important distinction between different ways of perceiving something. Thoreau points out that one may look at something and still not see it.

I cannot find where this quote comes from, so it may be a misstatement of his actual quote, but if it is a misstatement, I assume the real statement would be even better!

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How Do You Describe Sight to a Blind Man?

How Do You Describe Sight to a Blind Man?

Ask the blind man to describe hearing to a deaf man.

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The Evolution of a Proverb

Many there are who bless the fruit of a tree they curse.

You are blessing the fruit and cursing its tree.

You like the result while rejecting its necessary method of production.

You like something but hate the very thing that makes it, you know?

Well, if you want to lose weight and look fit like that person you keep admiring, you can’t hate exercising so much. That, like, doesn’t make any sense.

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A Nice Definition of a Parable

A parable can be loosely described as a short, fictional narrative that draws the reader into an insight concerning some aspect of faith and life. Parables often work best when they challenge commonly held attitudes and unmask the poverty of some widely held value. Parables are generally structured in a very simple and stark way, with a narrative that avoids any unnecessary detail that may detract from the central, evocative message.

–Peter Rollins

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